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Plan Change 6:

...it's not just about fencing your waterways

Plan Change 6

Many farmers in the Tukituki region have heard about HBRC Plan Change 6. This change to the Regional Plan was not just about the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme. The plan change included new rules about nutrient management for farms.

If you farm 4 hectares or more, these changes probably affect you.

From June 2013, you need to keep records about your farming operation that will allow you to calculate your nitrogen and phosphorous budgets. These records will feed into your Farm Environment Management Plan (FEMP), which must be submitted to the council in 2018.

femp-apprgb72ppiThese changes are important as exceeding the nutrient targets set by the council will mean applying for a resource consent to keep farming.

If you haven’t kept nutrient budget records since June 2013, don’t worry, now is the time to start.

We can help you calculate your nutrient position for last  year, and put systems in place to capture this information for the future. When 2018 comes around, Soter will be able to submit your Farm Environment Management Plan to the council on your behalf.

What it means for you

Plan change 6 isn’t just about fencing your waterways.  It’s about taking control of your current situation and planning for the future sustainability of your land. While you are  farming, two of the main things to think about are keeping annual nutrient records and filing your FEMP with the HBRC.

Annual nutrient records need to have been started back in June 2013 so if you haven’t started, now is the time to get in touch with Soter. We can guide you through the process and once we’ve worked through your nutrient budgets, we can then file the FEMP on your behalf.  FEMP’s will need to be submitted by someone with the appropriate qualifications.

Am I affected?

To find out if your farm is affected, use the Hawkes Bay Regional Council's Land Use Capability mapping tool. Search using your address and click on your property. If your water management catchment is listed as 'Tukituki' on the right hand side, you are affected.

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Plan Change 6:

A change to the council rules about nutrient management on farms.  Go to the Hawkes Bay Regional Council website for more information about Plan Change 6.

Tukituki Catchment area

This area borders Hastings in the North to Norsewood in the South.

FEMP or Farm Environmental Management Plan

A plan submitted to the council to stay compliant. The FEMP needs to hold the nutrient records from 2013.

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