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Save money and create a plan that really is your own with our easy to use guidebook and templates.

Our easy to use kit will show you how to use the tools you already have to get started today.

Designed by qualified experts, the Farm environmental plan kit uses our experience preparing hundreds of farm environment plans to make preparing yours easier.

Hawkes Bay

Tukituki Plan Change 6

Farm Environmental Management Plans are required by 2018. Register with Soter, an approved provider today to get your FEMP underway.

Download your FREE FEMP checklist.

Check you have what you need to get your farm nutrient budgets on track for the changes Plan Change 6 will require.


Plan Change 1

Waikato Regional Council are currently consulting on their proposed environmental rules as part of Plan Change 1.

Download your FREE Waikato factsheet.

Get the info you need to get your farm nutrient budgets on track for the upcoming changes Plan Change 1 will require.

Nutrient Budgets

Your nutrient budget is calculated using a computer programme called Overseer.  You can download the excellent Beef + Lamb NZ Overseer Data Template to get you started.

Download Overseer Template

Beef & Lamb FEP

Beef + Lamb NZ are currently running workshops to help farmers prepare for their FEMP.

Dairy NZ SMP

Dairy NZ sustainable milk plans 

Soter is an approved provider of dairy NZ sustainable milk plans. These have been tailored by dairy NZ to meet the requirements of the Tukituki plan change in Hawke’s Bay. If you’re interested in getting a sustainable milk plan completed email Adam Duker

  • Land use Capability Mapping

    Your farm could benefit from paddock scale remapping of land use capability. Contact us for more information. 

    Use the Hawke’s Bay Regional Councils Land Use Capability tool to find out what your land needs.

Sam & Sarah Duncan

“Emma was laid back, easy to deal with and very practical. With her farming background she knows how things work, and what needs to be done.”

Sarah & Sam DuncanFor their full story, read the article...
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