Navigating future farming

Save money and create a plan that really is your own with our easy to use guidebook and templates. Our easy to use kit will show you how to use the tools you already have to get started today.

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We work with you to understand your requirements and ensure you know about the regulations for farming  in your region. We collect and manage your information to make compliance easy.

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Advice & Advocacy

We can talk you through your options and work with the council on your behalf.

Farm Health & Safety Plans

Farming is the most dangerous industry in NZ. You want your family, workers and visitors to be safe, and having an unsafe farm can result in fines and prosecution.

Let us help you document your plan and set up systems to reduce your risk.

Farm Environment Management Plans

If you aren’t in an area that already requires farm plans. the National Environmental Standards for Freshwater will require a Fresh Water Farm Plan for all properties over 20ha over the next few years, prioritised in areas where waterways are less healthy. The deadlines are yet to be released but there’s lots of financial support available at the moment. Get in touch to see how we can help you bring control back within your fencelines.

Nutrient Budgeting

We can produce your nutrient budget in Overseer, giving you control of your Nitrogen and Phosphorous position.

Resource Consents

If you need a resource consent, or to renew a current consent, we can prepare your application and help you work with the council to get your consent approved.

Scenario Planning

Once you have a nutrient budget in Overseer, we can work with you to generate scenarios showing how different farming practices affect your nutrient budget.

Training & Facilitation

Contact us to discuss your training or facilitation needs and we can design a package for you. We also provide a briefing service for professionals such as Real Estate Agents and Accountants whose clients are affected by compliance changes.

GHG and Carbon Advice

Under the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act we all need to reduce our emissions. Get in touch today to get your Greenhouse Gas number, and understand how carbon credits might be available for your farm.


Whether you are looking for a farm environmental plan to meet your Regional Council or meat company requirements, or a resource consent under the new winter cropping or intensification rules, we can help.

You can choose from our full farm plan service, where we collect all the information needed for your nutrient budget, environmental plan and consent and prepare them for you, or a more DIY option using one of our kits, workshops or catchment community support.

Get in touch today and let us tailor a cost effective plan to suit your needs.