Training and Facilitation

Contact us to discuss your training or facilitation needs and we can design a package for you. We also provide a briefing service for professionals such as Real Estate Agents and Accountants whose clients are affected by compliance changes.

Resource Consents


If you need a resource consent, or to renew a current consent, we can prepare your application and help you work with the council to get your consent approved.

Nutrient Budgeting

We can produce your nutrient budget in Overseer, giving you control of your Nitrogen and Phosphorous position. Annual Nutrient budgets are required for your Farm Environment Management Plan. Once we’ve set you up in our system, we will stay in touch with you regularly to keep your records up to date, making your annual record keeping easy.

We can develop scenarios in Overseer to show you how changes in your farm management practices can affect your nutrient position

Scenario Planning

Once you have a nutrient budget in Overseer, we can work with you to generate scenarios showing how different farming practices affect your nutrient budget. These scenarios can help with your resource consent application if you are currently exceeding your nutrient targets.

Farm Environment Management Plans

From 2018 farm environment management plans are required every 3 years for all properties 4ha and over in the Tukituki region, covering north of Otane to south of Takapau. These are also required in parts of the Horizons and Canterbury regions. We will use the information we’ve collected from you each year as part of your nutrient budgeting to complete and submit your farm environment management plan.